Polish Noodles and Cheese (Kluski z serem) recipe – healthy & easy

Polish Noodles and Cheese (Kluski z serem) recipe – healthy & easy

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Author Notes

My mom made this for me in high school and questioned why she waited so long to introduce me to this amazing dish. Unlike most Polish foods, this is very quick but just as satisfying as the time consuming staple – the mighty pierogi – and it uses some of the same ingredients! This is hands down the easiest and quickest thing to make. Really, the time it takes to boil the water is the longest time. All the ingredients are measured to taste. If you like more of one, add it. There’s no science.

Any noodle can be used, but egg is preferred. The cheese is a farmers cheese that is very similar to a ricotta but is a bit more tangy. The butter is melted and slightly toasted for a nuttiness. And the kicker is a sprinkle of sugar. Tangy, nutty, buttery, sweet. It’s heaven.

PS, the butter/breadcrumb topping can be used on cauliflower, green and yellow beans, sweet pierogi, and I’m sure many other things. —Natasza

  • Prep time
    5 minutes
  • Cook time
    20 minutes
  • Serves

  • 1 bunch

    egg noodle, or any neutral flavored noodle

  • 1-2 tablespoons


  • 2 tablespoons

    bread crumbs

  • 2-4 tablespoons

    farmers cheese

  • sprinkle


  1. Boil water, add noodles
  2. In a small pan, melt butter. The amount can vary depending on how much you are feeling. I tend to go more. Melt until slightly brown.
  3. To melted butter, add breadcrumbs. Amount varies but should not be too clumpy, but not too runny. Add more of either butter or breadcrumbs. Let toast together for a little bit.
  4. Drain noodles and place in bowl. Add scoops of farmers cheese to hot noodles, top with butter/breadcrumb mixture and sprinkle with sugar.

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