Egg & Salmon Sandwich recipe – healthy & easy

Egg & Salmon Sandwich recipe – healthy & easy

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This was accurate and on point. But not just for breakfast but for anytime. I love egg whites and used to eat a combination of egg whites pasta and fish for dinner after my run Akinyele.B Tokyo

Super sandwich……but to make it a tad tastier and a slightly fewer carbs….try it on 1/2 the toasted wheat English muffin with a dollop of horseradish sauce…….

give it to me with the whole eggs and the healthy fats for satiety and brain function…..!

Cut down on the cooking time by nuking the egg white and omitting onions….Egg Beaters cheese and chives are a good sub for the egg whites…. Weight Watchers English muffins are smaller than regular muffins which makes the sandwich look more stacked! lol Lovin’ the smoked salmon at brekkie!!

I changed it to wholemeal pita and instead of smoked salmon i changed it to poached salmon. More healthy and lower calories. Constance Fong Kuala Lumpur Ma

The sodium content of this recipe is a bit high for us watching our blood pressure. As an alternative skip the salt and add the smoked salmon to the eggs. It comes out like chopped ham & scrambled eggs but the heavy dose of salt in the smoked salmon does double duty in salting the eggs. solidpoint Sacramento CA

have’nt tried it yet but i will like soon. i love fish and never thought of having it this way for breakfast sure sounds good.

This was a great recipe I substituted ezekiel 4.9 whole grain bread instead of the muffin to get the extra fiber and i did not add salt the smoked salmon has enough salt content to flavor the sandwich. Eat well to live well people! Khalil Philadelphia Pa

I would like to use whole eggs and a lettle cheese too!!:)

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