Chinese Chicken & Noodle Salad recipe – healthy & easy

Chinese Chicken & Noodle Salad recipe – healthy & easy

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Great start Anybody try rice stick noodles instead of the Ramin? Add toasted sesame oil for sure and reduce the dressing to about half.I also used lightly grilled chicken flavored with garlic and ginger. Yummy Pros: Nice summery meal

Awesome when altered… We make this recipe once a week but with some alternations. We double the recipe but omit the Ramon noodles. Instead of buying all the veggies we use two bags of fresh pre cut broccoli slaw vegetable mix. I saute the broccoli slaw in a wok with a tablespoon of EVOO until slightly wilted. I do not like blanched chicken so I grill three pieces that are simply seasoned with salt and pepper and then shred it. Toss the sauteed broccoli slaw and shredded chicken in a bowl with the green unions dressing and toasted almonds and you have a very delicious salad without the processed Ramon noodles. Pros: Fast easy budget friendly low calorie

Five stars for the dressing!

Nom! Some changes I made.. Buckwheat noodles(Asian isle) and coconut aminos(soy sauce)! Grill your chicken!!! – Salt/pepper coconut oil! Worth every effort! Pros: Awesome yummy!!! All the things eat it!! Cons: Ramen… and soy…

Neither Chinese nor sensible My first complaint about this recipe is in advocation of using instant ramen noodles. Isn’t this site called Eating Well? Yes it advocates baked ramen over deep fried but considering the preparation methods almost any type of alimentary paste can be used! Further ramen noodles are a very very Japanese style of noodle. Chinese noodles are in fact made with low-protein wheat flour and then pulled by hand which gives them an altogether better flavour and texture than any instant noodle ever can. Secondly the method of preparation of the chicken as detailed in this recipe leaves one to wonder why anyone would cook at home if this were the method to be used. Not only is blanching the chicken only supposed to be a pre-preparatory method but the Chinese definitely know how to marinade. Those who took it upon themselves to marinade this chicken even in say an Italian Marsala are actually being more authentic than the original recipe. There are other things wrong with this recipe but I’m afraid I’ve gotten to the point of TL;DR. Pros: Simple easy to follow Cons: Unauthentic advocates use of unhealthy ingredients and combinations lack of flavour in meat

Used Savoy cabbage. Made Ginger Dressing from Cooked chicken strips in oil ginger n garlic S & P. added La Choy Chow Mein Noodles. Sooo delicious

I just made this salad today. I used leftover grilled chicken instead and I also added some shredded lettuce. I left all of the components separate so that I can make individual salads for a couple of days without letting it get soggy. Really love it!

I’ve made this several times as an appetizer when I had people over for dinner. It’s always a success and healthy too! Too bad we hardly ever have leftovers. Shortcut: use pre-cooked chicken (I like Hormel’s).

Love IT I usually make my chicken and pasta in an Italian style like this chicken angle hair and sundried tomato but loved the Chinese style in this dish.

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